• Hail Damage Repair
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    Hail Damage Repair

    Safe driving practices can reduce your chance of an accident, but even the most careful driver can’t steer around hail. What does it take to get hail damage repaired, and how can it affect the value of your car? How Hail Damage Changes How Your Vehicle is Classified and Insured It is possible for hail

  • Driving in the City
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    Driving in the City

    Whether you’re on a business trip or enjoying your summer vacation, driving around in cities can be a major headache. These tips will help you avoid stressful situations while protecting your vehicle. Plan Around Peak Traffic Times If you’re on vacation, you can make your own schedule, so why struggle with traffic if you don’t

  • Maintaining your high-mileage vehicle
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    Maintaining your high-mileage vehicle

    While modern vehicles are typically designed to be nearly trouble free over a decade of use, the average American car is about 11.6 years old and 80% of cars built within the last 20 years are still being driven. How can you make sure your car is part of that 80%? By keeping up with

  • What Goes into Painting a Car?
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    What Goes into Painting a Car?

    Anyone can paint a house, so why can’t anyone paint a car? It takes multiple layers of coating applied in specific conditions to get the shine and durability you expect from your vehicle, and that requires professional expertise and specialized equipment. Here’s what it takes to get your car’s paint looking like new again. Cleaning,

  • Teach Your Teens Safe Driving Habits
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    Teach Your Teens Safe Driving Habits

    For a teenager, earning a driver’s license is a rite of passage, right alongside learning how to drive and owning a car. For them, gone are the days where they’re stuck in the passenger or backseat, listening to old tunes on their folks’ favorite station. More than anything, they see it as a ticket to

  • Auto Glass Repair
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    Auto Glass Repair

    While you may never get in an accident, damage to your vehicle’s glass is almost inevitable. The windows in your car aren’t all the same, and they do more than just let you see out while protecting the cabin from wind and weather. How does glass function in your car, and how can it be

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