7 Gadgets for Your Car
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7 Gadgets for Your Car

Today, technology is being added to new cars at a record pace as automakers find new ways to entertain passengers and take the stress out of driving. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to bring these new features to your current car and make it easier to deal with theft, accidents and everything else that comes with owning an automobile.

Dash Cam

You may have seen some crazy Russian dash cam videos on the Internet, but these video recorders can do more than record sketchy vehicles and drivers for YouTube. A dash cam constantly records video on a loop, and when the camera experiences a hard shock, it saves that video to memory. This can provide you with video evidence of an accident, showing exactly what happened. This can stop insurance fraudsters and can make it easier to get work approved by your insurance company.

When shopping for a dash cam, be sure to check its low light performance. While most cameras have no trouble getting quality footage during the day, night recording on poor quality units can be all but unusable.

Smartphone-Compatible Head Unit

The adoption of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay by auto manufacturers makes it easier than ever to sync your phone to your car. While adoption isn’t yet universal in new cars, it’s easy to find a head unit that works with your phone, letting you use navigation, streaming radio and other useful driving apps directly from your new infotainment system.


With a heads-up display, you can get important information about your car without having to move your eyes away from the road. While these displays are quickly becoming standard in new luxury cars, aftermarket versions can be added to almost any vehicle. These use your car’s OBD II diagnostic port, located under the driver’s side dash, to get speed, RPM, and other useful information and display it on a clear screen that sits in front of the windshield.

GPS Tracker 

Hate forgetting where you parked your car? Want to make it easier to find your car if it’s stolen? A GPS tracker can be picked up by your smartphone, leading you back to your vehicle. Keep in mind that these devices need a clear view of the sky to connect to GPS satellites, and they can’t determine elevation. That means they won’t work in parking garages, but they’re great for parking on city streets or in parking lots at malls, amusement parks, and other large facilities.

Bluetooth Key Tracker

Hate losing your keys? Like a GPS tracker, this device connects to an app on your phone. However, since it uses Bluetooth, you won’t be able to find a set of keys you left miles away, but you can track it down inside buildings, leading you to your keys whether they fell into a desk drawer, were left in a pants pocket, or were shoved under your bed.

Jump Starter

Jumper packs have been around for a while, but thanks to lithium-ion batteries, these packs have gone from being large, heavy boxes to something small enough that you can keep it in your car year-round. These packs often include a built-in flashlight and USB connections that run off the battery, letting you make repairs or call for help when your phone’s battery is dying.

Backup Camera

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates around 300 people are killed and 18,000 are injured by cars backing up each year. Backup cameras were finally made standard this year, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a new vehicle to get this safety feature. Aftermarket versions can display the camera’s view on your infotainment system or on a screen built into a rear-view mirror.

Do you regularly tow trailers? There are models designed to give you a clear view of the trailer ball so you can drive up to the hitch without needing a spotter and without risking a collision with your bumper.

When Accidents Happen, Go to Merton Auto Body 

Some of these tools can help you avoid accidents and make it easier to make insurance claims, but nothing can eliminate accidents altogether. When you need professional collision repair, bring your car to Merton Auto Body. We have an auto body appraisal center that can get work approved by your insurance company quickly. Our collision repair center is between Hwy 164 and Hwy 83, just South of Silver Spring Dr, near the Ironwood golf course. We proudly service Waukesha County and the surrounding Lake Country area, including Pewaukee, Delafield, Hartland, and Oconomowoc.


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