Teach Your Teens Safe Driving Habits
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Teach Your Teens Safe Driving Habits

For a teenager, earning a driver’s license is a rite of passage, right alongside learning how to drive and owning a car. For them, gone are the days where they’re stuck in the passenger or backseat, listening to old tunes on their folks’ favorite station. More than anything, they see it as a ticket to freedom.

This excitement is what most parents understand, yet remains a cause for worry. Teens, being inexperienced drivers, have a higher likelihood of getting into crashes than adults according to reports. It doesn’t help that vehicular accidents are still the leading cause of death among teenagers.

As parents, it is your duty to educate your kids in proper driving etiquette. Familiarize them with these basic safety tips to help them become responsible road users.

  • Safety-driving courses are a must. Licensed or not, learning how to drive safely from official institutions gives your teens a huge advantage. The Department of Motor Vehicles offers a list of approved driving courses, teaching youngsters all the necessary rules and regulations of the road.
  • Phones are off-limits. Alerts from mobile devices are fatal distractions. With the increase in smart phone use and texting, it’s critical that teens (and adults) keep their senses focused on the road ahead. It can make all the difference between safe, uneventful trips and unfortunate accidents. Any calls or texts they have to make, emergency or otherwise, should wait until they can pull their vehicle over.
  • Headlights are there for a reason. Daytime running lights are now a standard feature on cars. If your vehicle doesn’t have them, turn the headlights on even during daytime. This increases visibility on the road, allowing other vehicles to see you better.
  • Never rush. Whether they’re late for class or any other engagement, speeding is the most dangerous thing teens can do. And it’s never worth the rush either, as they are endangering other lives in the process. Tell them to allow for more travel time or better yet, leave early, so there’s no need to rush.
  • Take time to learn to park. Train your teens to park in spacious areas like empty parking lots. It will help develop their spatial awareness without risking bumping into other cars. Also, it’ll provide them with enough experience for complicated parallel parking maneuvers.

Defensive driving is the key to safely navigating any road your family travels. But for situations out of your control, it’s best to know that Merton Auto Body has you covered for any unexpected need for collision repair services. We offer free estimates and have an appraiser on staff that can quickly assess your vehicle’s needs while you wait.


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