7 Collision Repair Myths
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7 Collision Repair Myths

Accidents are stressful, which can lead you to make mistakes when getting your car repaired. Knowing the truth behind these common collision repair myths can help you make the right choices when you need body work.

You Must Use the Shop Recommended by Your Insurance Company

If you have a preferred shop, or you want to go to a shop that is more convenient for you, you have the right to do so. However, if you don’t have a strong preference, you should take the shop your agent recommends into consideration: after all, they have to work with these shops constantly and will have some idea of who can do the work with minimal issues.

Your Insurance Pays for All Repairs

Like health insurance, there is a deductible applied when making a claim, which needs to be paid when getting repairs. If the repairs cost less than the deductible, you have to pay the full amount yourself. Choosing a higher deductible may cost you when you need repairs, but it will also lower your insurance rate. On average, going from a $500 to $1,000 deductible can net a 30-40% savings.

If you’re at fault for an accident and you have liability coverage, your own car isn’t covered. Even if you have full coverage, the insurance has a cap on the maximum amount it will pay. Now is a good time to check the “collision coverage” section of your insurance policy to find out what is and isn’t covered. If you don’t think you have enough protection, getting your policy changed now can save you a lot of money in the future.

You Need to Go to a Dealer for the Best Repair

Auto body repair isn’t like other car repairs: dealers often farm out work to independent shops instead of doing it in-house. Auto manufacturers have certification programs for these outside shops, but they will only certify one shop in a dealership’s area, even if there are multiple shops with the training and equipment needed to meet the certification requirements. No matter which shop you choose, they will have the same access to OEM replacement parts as the dealers and manufacturer-approved shops.

You Need Multiple Estimates

As long as you’re getting the work done by professionals, the insurance company has to pay your coverage. Since you only need to pay the deductible, it’s best to go with a shop that does high-quality work, not the shop that cuts corners to offer the cheapest rates.

You Only Get One Insurance Check

Once parts are removed from a vehicle for repair, more damage may be found that wasn’t visible during the initial appraisal. The shop should contact the insurance company directly to have the damage reappraised so the full repair is covered. In turn, you’ll get more money to cover the increased repair costs.

Using an Insurance App for an Estimate is Always Best
This new technology is promoted by insurance companies as a way to make it easier to file a claim, but it has some serious problems. If you take the photo of the outside of your car, the person appraising the vehicle will only see surface damage. When you bring it into a shop, the appraiser who sees the vehicle in person may spot underlying damage that will need to be repaired, and an adjustment has to be filed to get this added work approved. This means more time waiting to get your car fixed. Worse still, that initial photo estimate could lead you to think that the damage is only superficial when your vehicle may be unsafe to drive.

Finding a Local Shop that Does Good Work is Hard

When you need collision repair, go to Merton Auto Body. We’ve earned the trust of owners in the Lake Country area by serving their collision repair needs for over 70 years. We also have an appraiser on staff to get estimates done quickly and to get adjustments approved when new damage is found so you can get your car back in no time. In fact, there’s a good chance our shop will be recommended to you when you talk to your insurance company. We’re located just a few miles north of Pewaukee between highways 164 and 83.


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