• What Happens During a Car Crash?
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    What Happens During a Car Crash?

    Why are cars safer than ever before? From systems to prevent an accident from happening to structural design that deflects impact forces, there are a number of factors at play that help you survive accidents. Here’s why a front-end collision that would have been lethal a few decades ago will result in little more than

  • Vehicle Scanning
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    Vehicle Scanning

    The last few years have seen an explosion in automotive technology with cars adding new safety systems including blind spot sensors and automatic braking as well as advanced infotainment systems that act as WiFi hotspots and convenience features like automatic doors. Today, scanning the onboard computers isn’t just done by mechanics diagnosing engine problems, it’s

  • Has the Car You’re Looking at Been in a Wreck?
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    Has the Car You’re Looking at Been in a Wreck?

    Has the car you’re looking to buy been in a wreck? In the old days, buyers would use a magnet to check for body filler, but these days there are records and simple visual checks that can help you avoid buying a lemon. Title Brands Severely damaged vehicles will get a “branded” title, although the

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