• Pinstriping
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    From hand-built coaches to modern custom cycles and cars, pinstripes have long been a styling staple. How did this style of ornamentation evolve, and how is it used today? From Coaches to Cars Pinstriping has been around for centuries, but it only made its way to coaches and carriages in the 19th century. Initially just

  • Spies Hecker Paint System
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    Spies Hecker Paint System

    Who is Spies Hecker? With over 130 years in the paint business and sales to over 65 countries, this paint manufacturer is a dominant force in the automotive paint market. The company’s success is thanks to constant innovation, inventing many of the paint technologies we take for granted today. Starting Small The company began in

  • Protecting Your Paint from Sun Damage
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    Protecting Your Paint from Sun Damage

    All automotive paint will fade or even peel eventually, but with the right care, you can put this off for years, keeping your car looking like new as it racks up miles. A big part of this is mitigating the damage caused by UV light. How does it affect your paint, and what can you

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